My story
""Gordo"" may be an ironic term of endearment for little Gordo here because with all the energy he has, he will be anything but plump! As part heeler, he has a lot of traits that will keep his brain hungry for activity. Heelers are very eager to learn, to train, and to show off how incredibly smart they are, and Gordo already knows ""sit"", ""lay down"", ""roll over"", and is potty trained! That's pretty impressive for a 10 month old dog! We recommend older children who will be better able to handle his energy. A meet-and-greet with any pooches you have at home is also required since some dogs vibe with him better than others, and we recommend higher energy dogs who can keep up with Gordo. Some basic research into heelers will help you with all you need to learn about how to take care of Gordo properly, and if you think this sounds like your man, ask an Animal Care Associate for help with the hook up!Happiness Happens at the Humane Society of El Paso!

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